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Rachel Frederick - Health Wellness Writer

Content marketing and promotions copywriter for businesses in the total wellness industry. Working toward a healthier world.
Nutrition. Exercise. Mindfulness.



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Marketing Your Passion

I combine years of marketing experience with decades of industry experience to increase your customer retention.

So often in this industry, you find people who are creative and love to write but don’t know the first thing about the wellness industry. Or, what’s more likely is that you find people who know the industry inside and out, but have never written with the intent to sell. That’s why I’m different.

Through marketing copy, I take your business story, combine it with your goals, ideal customer profile, and personality, and turn it into customers. Loyal, long-lasting customers.

Together we will:

  • Strengthen your brand personality
  • Target your message to the right customers
  • Engage those customers so they feel valued
  • Reaffirm that you are a resource to your customers so they never want to look anywhere else.

I became a health and wellness copywriter because of the people in the industry. I have never met more dedicated, passionate, and kind people anywhere else. This is why I’ve dedicated my time to promoting the businesses who are out there making the world a healthier place to live.

Total health combines three facets of care – nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness. Each plays off of the others and together they create the perfect base for personal health. Whether your business focus is healthy eating, exercise, or positive thinking, we’ll work together to guarantee you marketing efforts are doing everything they can to strengthen your brand and maximize customer retention.

“The greatest wealth is health.” ~Virgil

Content Marketing Services

From eBooks, case studies, and white papers, to corporate product launches that include press releases, web copy and video scripts... I've done it all and I've done it on a tight timeline.

Why Content Marketing?

When you publish information that's useful to your customers, you become a knowledgeable resource. Your customers look to you for opinions on industry trends. You've become their expert!

That's a great position to be in until you factor in how much time it takes to create enough successful content to stay relevant.

So why do it at all?

Click through the menu on the left to uncover what makes a successful content marketing campaign.

Be Original

You got into this business for different reasons than your competition. When you focus your content and overall customer message around those reasons, that passion for the industry, people start to notice. People like being a part of something bigger than themselves and when you work with passion, strength, and energy, your customers can't help but love you more.

Ask Questions

Take your originality and establish your voice. Now use that voice to create content your customers want. How do you know what they want? Ask them! You'll be amazed at how much you can find out through a simple email campaign or social media posts. Find out what your customers want and give it to them. Now that you know what they want - give it to them using that great original voice you've established!

Be Thoughtful

While there is an art to reposting old content, there is great value in creating content you know your customers need. Give them your thoughtful opinions on industry trends. Show them you are paying attention to any local or national news that might impact them. Ask for their opinions and then comment in a kind and understanding manner. When you are thoughtful, and it's clear your business revolves around your customers, retention rates rise.

Be Consistent

Publishing useful content is great, as long as people know when to check in. When you are a predictable resource, you get more people checking in more often. Don't over-commit to publishing content on a timeline you don't have time for. Don't over-saturate the market to a point where your customers get sick of hearing from you. Play with your timing and keep track of results.

Improve SEO

Publishing and promoting thoughtful, relevant content increases inbound links to your website. Inbound increase leads to a higher SEO ranking. Better SEO leads to a better relationship with the search engines. When search engines like you, you attract more traffic to your website. All this because you're publishing thoughtful, relevant content on a consistent schedule.

More About Services


It's no secret that what we put into our bodies impacts our entire day, how we treat others, and how well we sleep at night. The good news is that sales from US organic farms rose 72% in 2015 from the previous year! If you work in an industry with a passion for getting the world to eat better, pay more attention to what's in food, or pass along only the best eating habits to our children, then check out what I can do for you!


The human body was made to move! ...and yet, the percent of adults 18 years of age and over who met the Physical Activity Guidelines for both aerobic physical and muscle-strengthening activity is only 20.8%. If you work in an industry with a passion for getting the world to move more and pass along positive exercise habits to our children, then check out what I can do for you!


No matter if the trend is yoga, meditation, or tai chi, we as a population are looking for some down time to focus on ourselves and what's important in life. Nearly 18 million adults and 927,000 children now practice meditation. If you work in an industry that's passionate about finding personal focus, learning how to relax in this insanely busy world, or simply be more mindful of everything going on around us, then check out what I can do for you.

Join the Wellness Warriors

Are you part of a small business in the wellness industry struggling to find the time to keep up with marketing? Do you have questions as to what is effective and what is not? Are you convinced you could be doing more but don’t know where to start or where to focus your energy? Come join us for weekly discussions on marketing a small business, industry trends, business templates, and more!


What are people saying about The Well-Balanced Writer?


Rachel get things done. She knows how to get information, find people to help, and avoid the situations that can be road blocks. But the thing I admire most is her positive attitude.

Stephanie Billmeyer

Graphic Designer
Content Marketing clients

Rachel is a very talented, creative and resourceful writer. It’s terrific working with her! She has a wealth of ideas and there’s never an ego to deal with — just a great, professional personality.

Plamen Dimitrov

Web Designer / Developer
health wellness industry praise

Rachel gives good feedback – she’s perceptive, smart, and empathetic. She is ambitious and has good follow through, making her incredibly productive.

Tom Carlson

IT Applications Project Manager

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