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5 Ways to Maintain

5 Ways to Maintain the Conference High After You Go Home

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We’ve all been there – you’re at a conference where you meet motivated, intelligent people. Everyone is focused on big goals and personal growth. Four days go by and you fly home convinced you’ll be able to transfer that awesome energy to everyone else in your office.

But two weeks later you can’t even find the free notebook where you wrote down all those life-changing golden nuggets of inspiration.

Is it impossible to replicate the conference high outside of the conference?

Yes it is.

But don’t be too hard on yourself. The first thing to remember is that the people who are the most engaging at conferences are the go-getters in their companies. A conference is a collection of the most motivated, forward-thinking, ambitious people in the industry. You are surrounding yourself with the best minds around. Of course it’s energizing!

And while that energy is great once a year, I personally couldn’t work with that kind of give-110-percent-motivation all the time.

My head would explode.

But there are things you can do to encourage new energy each (normal) day. After all, that’s part of the reason you went to the conference in the first place, to gain new insights, new thoughts, new resources…

Why not use that energy and make the office a more motivating place to work for your entire team, or at least, a more positive place for you to work…for you.

#1  Continue to be positive.  

People feed off of the emotions of others. Just like negativity breeds negativity, positivity breeds more positivity.  Be a champion for the company and the industry.

#2  Keep learning

The point of a conference is to learn new things and meet new people. We live in a world where that is possible all the time. Join a local chapter, Contribute to forums, read business books, keep your mind fresh, and always think about what’s next.

Always question (and answer) if there’s a better way to do things.

#3  Consider the long-term goals of the company

``Proactively thinking about next steps and giving new ideas a trial run may show your understanding of where the business wants to be,`` says Sarah Chang with The Muse.

Take on some new risk, push the limits, question motives… You never know who you might impress with your forward-thinking attitude.

#4   Meditate

While many are quick to dismiss meditation as a useful motivational technique, the proven results are real. A study performed by Harvard Medical School and the Bender Institute of Neuroimaging in Germany found even those new to meditation experienced positive emotional transformation and control with as little as five or ten minutes a day of controlled, focused breathing. No interruptions, just you and your quiet mind.

If you’re having a sluggish, or overly negative day, ten minutes of calm may be exactly what you need.

#5  Go back!

You know what a personal boost the conference high has on your mental state and excitement for the industry. Make it a priority to surround yourself with that type of atmosphere as often as you are able.

For many, that’s once a year on the company dime. That’s okay – take advantage of the professional development opportunity, It may be just the thing that preserves your work-life sanity for the next 5 years.

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