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How to turn business clarity into profits

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How to turn business clarity into profits

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You’ve spent so much time getting your business to a place that you’re proud to show off. Customers love you and everything you offer and you’re finally seeing real profits. You put years of your life and thousands of dollars into this passion project and it’s really starting to pay off!

But you’re starting to feel like you’re running the same race each day… a race that is different than you originally intended. Or worse… a race that’s not bringing you the profits you were hoping for.

  • Maybe you stepped away from teaching or coaching so you could focus on other parts of the business, but now you miss it.
  • Want to bring on new products, services or staff but can’t seem to find the time to get organized?
  • Are you looking to work fewer hours without sacrificing your revenue (is that even possible?!)
  • Perhaps everything is going great today, but you know you need to do more in order to keep growing.

The last thing you want to do is get stuck in a rut of sameness. Same classes over and over and over. Same products over and over and over. Same music, same jokes, same sales, and incentives… No matter what your goals are, they take time. Time you don’t think you have.  And making time means determining what to postpone, delegate, or drop altogether.

These are some tough decisions you have ahead of you! But if you’re ready to take your business from good to great, or if you’re ready to take your already-great business to the next financial level, then these decisions have got to happen. And they’ve got to happen soon.

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It’s time to move forward!

Step one is to hone in on the ultimate purpose of your business. Who are you and who you help? Sometimes this is referred to as a mission statement. Sometimes it’s simply a tagline on your website. Or even more simply, the way you describe your business to new family members.

If you don’t have this kind of statement for your business, now (like, right now today) is the time to figure it out. Lucky for you, there’s a foolproof template you can follow.

I own (business name), a (single sentence describing your business) that helps (who you help and how).

For example:

  • #1: I own Vegan Goddess, a health food store that focuses on creating healthy, vegan meal plans for busy moms on a budget.
  • #2: I own Running Buddies, a company that matches local running partners together so they can train with accountability and achieve their personal goals.
  • #3: I own Quiet Reflections, a meditation and mindfulness studio where traveling business professionals can retreat from their busy lives.

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Now you try!

Remember, first give your business name. Second, describe your business with a single sentence. Third, describe who you help and how.  Be succinct. Be specific.

Once you’ve solidified that statement, you’ll start to see things that don’t 100% fit with your over-arching business theme.  Those are the things you start to delegate or scrap completely.

Sounds terrifying? It can be… but I promise, the more streamlined your business, the higher your profits. The higher your profits, the more time you’ll have to add programs, update products, or take that vacation you’ve been looking forward to for months (or years!)


Want help figuring out what to cut out of your day? Sign up for the FREE five-day email course and let us help guide you through the entire process – starting with determining your business statement, all the way through to taking that vacation.


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