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content marketing groove

Find your content marketing groove and make marketing effortless

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If you’ve ever said to yourself, “this marketing thing takes too much time!” Or, “I’m not creative enough to come up with content for (insert social media platform.) Or, “Do I really need to market my business?” Then it’s time to find your content marketing groove.

Marketing can be tough, it can take a lot of time, and yes, it does often stretch your creativity muscles to their breaking point. But yes, you do have to do it. Lucky for you, there are a few things you can do to make it much (much, much, much) less painful.

Before we dive in, I want to clarify something – we’re talking now about content marketing. The marketing you can do mostly for free that highlights your amazingness, shows off what makes you unique, and positions you as an expert in whatever it is you do. There are plenty of other (read: paid) forms of marketing that can be equally as effective, but because of the amazing digital world we live in, we’re focusing on the free options for today.

Alright, let’s get to the good stuff.

content marketing laptop

First, we need to determine what it is you like to do.

This is your package or, how you present your information.

  • Is blogging your favorite thing ever?
  • Would you rather take pictures?
  • Does talking for a few minutes on a video sound like a super fun thing to do once or twice a week to break up your day?
  • Maybe chatting with someone interview-style sounds pretty painless…

No matter which content package you choose, make sure it’s something you will do consistently – once a week at a minimum.

Consistent content is key!

Second, let’s choose your platform.

This is your vehicle, or how you’re going to share your content.

If you love hanging out on Instagram, then that’s where you should post your content!  If that’s the case, my guess is you are a very visual person and already chose something like photography or short videos as your content package. These things tend to work together… amazing, right?!

If you love scrolling through Facebook feeds, reading stories, and watching videos, then that is where you should share your content. You’re already there, why not make your time even more productive? Facebook is an amazing place to share all kinds of content!

If you could get lost on YouTube for days, then maybe consider focusing on a YouTube channel. Video is crazy effective because it reaches all of the senses. With a single video you teach, you show off your personality, AND you grow your brand awareness.

content marketing platform

Third, decide how often you’ll publish.

There are successful businesses running on every single content publishing schedule possible. Some of this depends on the vehicle or platform you choose, but it mostly comes down to consistency. And quality. If you post a new video once a month, but it’s an epic interview that’s heavily researched with some amazing insights from industry leaders, then your audience will come to look for that content once a month. If you post pictures on Instagram every day that cover everything from the fresh produce in your garden to the new yoga mats you’re now selling in your studio, then your audience will come to expect that kind of content.

The same applies to everything in between… podcast interviews, Facebook live sessions, blog posts, email newsletter…

No matter what you chose, make it easy on yourself. Because you and I both know that when you get busy or overwhelmed or want to go on vacation and try to create a few extra of whatever it is to cover while you’re gone… if it’s not easy it’s going to be pushed off or abandoned altogether.  And that’s bad.


So whatever you select, make sure it checks all the boxes.

  • Content you enjoy talking about (aka what your business is all about)
  • In a package you’re interested in and feels as effortless as possible
  • Using platform or vehicle you’re consistently using anyway
  • On a schedule that works for your life


As an added bonus, if you’re creating content you love in a platform you love on a schedule you love, you’ll be much more authentic. Your voice will be much more consistent. And your branding will strengthen with every piece you publish.

Keep being awesome and congratulations on finding your content marketing groove.


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