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Food and Marketing

Food and Marketing…Two of My Favorite Things

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“The gladiolas are blooming,” I tell my husband. “But only the red ones. How odd that the red ones wouldn’t bloom until weeks after the pink, orange, and yellow are done. Mom was telling me I’ll have to dig up the bulbs and store them somewhere cool over the winter. I asked her what was wrong with a garden in the snow? Seems cool to me. I don’t think she was amused.

Next to the flowers, the tomatoes are out of control! The red tomatoes next to the red flowers are more stunning than I could have planned. I’ll have to do that again next year. Now if only the pumpkins could grow next to the butternut squash, next to the cucumbers, next to the blueberries, next to the eggplant… our garden would be a rainbow!” I laugh.

My husband smiles. He listens even though he only cares a fraction of an iota.

If I were telling my non-gardening friend this story, it would go something like this…

“My red tomatoes are stunning next to my red flowers right now. I didn’t plan it this year, but you can bet I’ll try and do it again next year!”

And my brother, who doesn’t care at all about my garden? I’ll just text him a picture. “Neat, right?” I’ll write.

I would never bore my brother with dreams of a food rainbow in my back yard. And I would never scale back my garden excitement with my husband.

Know your audience

gladiolas are blooming
It’s a lot like social media. You have to know your audience and give them exactly what they are looking for.

Facebook is great for the long story – this is where your family and closest friends hang out.

While Twitter limits your conversation – get to the point. Make it count.

Instagram is for the visual learners and those who get more from a single picture than a half-hour long conversation.

Audit your social media

Do you custom tailor your social media marketing, or are you spouting the same epic tale on every platform?

Now is a great time for a social media marketing audit… and maybe even a make over.

Need some help?  I know a girl!  (check out my website for more information)

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