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My Head is Too Skinny. A Case Study

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My head is too skinny

…for most headbands. Like many active ladies, I’m fairly low maintenance so it’s not uncommon for you to see me with my hair pulled back in a ponytail 3-7 days out of the week.

I’m also very conflicted about my hair. If  I feel the need to pull it back all the time, then maybe it’s time for a different hair cut. right? Right. This means I’m constantly growing out bangs, or layers, or trying to hide short, wispy fly-aways. And ladies, what is the easiest way to deal with this insanity? Ponytail and headband. It’s a vicious cycle.

Enter problem #2. My head is shaped more like an egg than a ball so successfully holding back my baby-fine hair while I’m body jamming, or yogaing, depends immensely on the design of the headband. Cloth only – metal is never the right shape. Tight elastic – not too baggy. And grippy – so it doesn’t constantly slide backwards off my egg head.

Luckily my friend Nina has the same affliction. Between the two of us we’ve tried hundreds of headbands. A couple of weeks ago we were hanging out drinking coffee and I noticed her new headband.

“It’s fantastic,” she tells me. “It meets all three of the aforementioned criteria!” I had no choice but to immediately run out and buy three without even trying the thing on.


Because I trust her opinion more than anything I read online. Because her and I agree on the benefits an ideal headband should have. Also her egg head looked adorable in the headband so I knew my egg head would also look adorable in the headband.

Word-of-mouth referrals are the best kind of referrals. As a business owner, you don’t have to do any work. People talk about your products without you having to lift a finger.

(Here’s hoping they are saying nice things…)

A close second to word-of-mouth referrals (in my opinion) are case studies.

A case study is a story centered around an actual situation with actual people having an actual problem. You -or your product- fly in to fix their problem. Then through brilliant story telling, they rave about how amazing you are, how life saving your products are, and how they’ll never go anywhere else!

The best part of a case study is, you control the message. You guarantee they’re only saying nice things. When written well, your customer knows without a doubt that you and your product are the real deal. Just as if they were talking to Nina about headbands.

They rush to your website with an overwhelming sense of urgency. How do I get in on this? How do I buy one for me? How do I get this guy to be my personal trainer?

We’ll talk more about how to fill your website with only the best content later. But for now, think about those case studies. Do you have customers you can interview and post their stories on your website?

If you need help researching, formatting, and writing case studies, I just happen to know a girl for the job. (spoiler alert, it’s me)

In case you are wondering, here’s a link to the awesomeist headbands ever.

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