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Video Script Sample

“THE LIFE OF A (Company Name) PROJECT”

The video is 100% narrative voice over, illustrated by an unseen hand drawing simple one-line drawings on a white board.

Begin with the established company educational film opening sequence.




Narrative voice over

Let’s say the high school down the road is building a new theatre. You’ve gone out and helped them create a bill of materials and discussed their limitless budget now you need a price from your trusted theatrical lighting company.

You can email, fax or mail in the information you have on the venue’s lighting needs. Contract drawings, specifications, and a list of equipment are always appreciated. Any questions are always welcome and encouraged.

One of our trusted quotations professionals will review your drawings and put together a bill of materials and a price for your system. Let’s say for example you have dimmer racks, button stations, an emergency system, and an LCD. You are pleased with the price and take this back to the customer.

Changes are inevitable, and that’s okay. (CompanyName) is flexible. One One of these… three of those a few less stations… a few more fixtures… and wha-la! They now have a fully functioning lighting system… on paper. They love it, how very exciting!

It is at this point that a purchase order is sent in and what was a quotation becomes an actual project.


Narrative voice over while the following actions are animated.




Narrative voice over

Here enters your project manager. Each project is assigned a project manager who works primarily in your region of the country. They’ll review the bill of materials put together by quotations, ask questions, make recommendations and have that equipment list put into drawing form.

Show examples of submittal drawings in place of
animation for the following section.

Narrative voice over continues

This set of drawings will detail wiring diagrams, equipment layout, give specific equipment dimensions, list all job specific contact information, and give you something visual to pass along to your contractors and end users.

Revert to animation

Narrative voice over continues

There is a large network of people helping ensure that you, your contractors, your consultants and your end users understand the submittal drawings and that everyone is getting what they need out of their project. The submittal process from start to finish involves a lot of back and forth communication between the dealer – perhaps this is you – the rep, the consultant, the project manager, the drafter, the engineer, the regional assistant and of course, the end user.

While we’re here looking at the support team, hi support team! let’s take a look at the Regional Assistants or RA‘s as they are called at (CompanyName).

This is a group of people who help the project managers on a day to day basis. They have insight into their projects’ status, contacts, shipping dates, and paperwork… invoicing, packing slips, tracking information… If you can’t get a hold of your project manager for any reason, feel free to call them. If they can help, they will; otherwise they will find the answer call you back. These are by far, some of the most helpful people you should know at (CompanyName).

For a full video script sample or additional information on writing video scripts, please contact me directly.


Watch the completed video here.

The Life of an ETC Project

Additional completed video samples

Here you will find a link to the first in a series of four educational videos used for sales and training. I wrote the scripts for this series of videos.