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Self care brad krause

Simple self-care activities that often go overlooked

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Guest Blog from Brad Krause 

Stress and anxiety play a part in just about all our lives, but it’s important to make time for self-care, no matter how busy things get. When you go too long without focusing on your own needs, it can take a huge toll on your mood, your ability to cope with stress, and your relationships. It can also lead to depression or substance abuse, both of which can trigger even deeper issues. Taking just a little time out of each day to do something for yourself can boost your mood and self-esteem while allowing you to find a sliver of happiness.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do for yourself that won’t take up too much time or break the bank. From booking a massage to decluttering your bedroom to ensuring that you get enough sleep every night, there are plenty of ways you can put your needs first and reduce stress, anxiety, and other negative feelings.


Keep reading for tips on how to practice self-care in ways that are often overlooked.


Sleep Better

Good sleep isn’t exclusive to young people; it can be achieved at any age. The first few are obvious: eliminate caffeine before bedtime, get plenty of daily exercise, and eat right. However, you can also create a bedtime routine to help yourself relax. Try taking a hot shower before you lie down, drinking hot (decaffeinated) tea, or reading a good book. Or, you can get organized for the next day, laying out your clothes and everything you need to stay on top of your schedule. This will help you eliminate stress and enable you to turn off your mind at the end of the day.

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Treat Your Muscles

If you work out daily or are on your feet for a large chunk of the day, it’s important to take care of your muscles. Not only is this great for the present, but it will also help prevent issues down the road that can lead to pain or mobility problems. One way to treat your sore muscles is to pamper yourself a little with equipment you can use at home, such as the Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager, especially if you can’t afford to book a professional appointment.


Spend One-on-One Time with Your Significant Other

It can be difficult to find time to spend with your partner or spouse when life gets in the way; there’s always something to take care of or someone else who needs your attention. However, you need to carve some time out of your schedule to spend taking care of each other. Give one another a hand massage, watch a movie you both love, or take a long walk in the park with the dog. Put aside talking about everyday matters, such as bills that are due or responsibilities at home. Focus instead on the things you have in common. Every relationship could use a little alone time, and it can be highly beneficial for both of you.


Cook Yourself a Lovely Meal

With our hectic lifestyles, it can be hard to find time to prepare a healthy meal and enjoy it while it’s hot. Choose a night when you know you’ll have the time and prepare your favorite foods. Taking the time to make something nourishing that you love will boost your mood and your self-esteem because you’ll be doing something just for you.


Taking care of yourself needs to become a priority every day, no matter what is going on. It can be tricky to do, but even if you only take 15 minutes to focus on your needs, you’ll start to feel better and will be able to handle stress and anxiety.



Brad Krause graduated from college in 2010 and went straight to the corporate world at the headquarters of a popular retail company. But what started as a dream job soured quickly. After four years of working 15-hour days and neglecting his health, he decided enough was enough. Through aiding a friend during a tough time, Brad discovered his real calling-helping people implement self-care practices that improve their overall well being. He created to share his own knowledge and the many great resources he finds on his self-care journey. 

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