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The single most important copywriting tip to improve conversions

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The single most important copywriting tip to improve conversions

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Let’s chat for a minute about copy. You know, the words you use to sell stuff, tell prospective customers about your business, and explain what fun things you have going on this week.

Successful copy is a must for anyone who sells goods or services, but unfortunately copywriting seems to be one of those things that has no middle ground – you either love writing it, or you hate writing it. Yet, it is undeniable that successful copy can instantly turn prospects who are on the fence, into life long customers.

If you’re one of those people who is not so fond of writing copy, but you don’t have the budget to hire it out, I’m here to help you out. (Yay!)

In order to create successful copy, there are a few tricks, techniques, or tactics you’re going to want to employ. Maybe you’ve heard how you should appeal to your customer’s emotions.  Perhaps you’ve read how your headlines must be unique and time-specific. I know I’ve talked about the uber required call to action before… but there’s one thing that stands above all else.

A single, focused message.


Focus creates immediate clarity

Having a single focused message immediately improves your probability of turning prospects into customers because there is no fog – your customers immediately know who your message is for and what you want them to do.

There’s no guesswork so you only get the most engaged, ready to purchase prospects continuing on. And that’s exactly who you want.


Focus creates sense of connection

Like any good conversation with a friend, your tone of voice and conversational style create a back and forth conversation that your friends are comfortable with. If you start a conversation with a story about your weekend, and then jump to a story about work, and end with a story about how your car broke down on the side of the highway, you leave your friends struggling to know what they should respond to first.

The same thing happens with your copy. You need to give your customers a chance to process and mentally respond.

Start and end a blog post with the same topic. Only talk about a single topic in a Facebook post. Create emails around a single event. Watch your customer engagement sky-rocket.  Suddenly, your customers can reply to you with their thoughts and feelings on the same topic.

Watch your customer engagement sky-rocket!  When your customers know what the conversation is about, they can reply with their thoughts and feelings on the same topic.

Your customers feel more connected to you, like an old friend.

And when people know, like, and trust you… they buy your stuff!


Focus improves conversion

Imagine this, you’re a middle-aged man with a few gray hairs. You have some special event coming up and want to temporarily hide the gray. You see two ads for local salons.

  • The first reads, “Stop in and check out our hair color services for Men.” And shows a picture of a 30- to 40-year-old gentleman.
  • The second reads “Men’s services available including hair color, waxing, massage, and nails.” And shows an image of six men of all different ages.

Which one will you check out first? Probably, the one that focused on a single product and shows someone in your age demographic. I can pretty much guarantee that salon knows its market and targeted that ad at everyone who is exactly like you. And my guess is, that ad brings them exactly the kind of business they intended it to.


Focus takes the guesswork out of marketing for you too. You know exactly what you’re spending your marketing dollars on, and if it’s converting the way you intend it to.

If an 80-year-old woman walks into your salon looking for acupuncture, you can bet it wasn’t because of the same men’s hair color ad. And that’s marketing clarity, getting the customers you want asking about the services you offer.


Let’s recap.  A focused message creates:

  • clarity,
  • develops a connection, and
  • improves conversion.

Want to take your copywriting skills to the next level and turn those words into profit?

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