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Content marketing and promotions copywriter for businesses in the total wellness industry. Working toward a healthier world.
Nutrition. Exercise. Mindfulness.



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Marketing Resources for Small Businesses

Small businesses in the total wellness industry are run by some of the most passionate people on this planet. People who have dedicated their lives to teaching and encouraging others to live a more healthy lifestyle. Most of these business owners, however, are lacking in marketing training and find themselves flying moment to moment from one marketing technique to another. Or, copying what everyone else is doing at the time. Unfortunately, this rarely works out and so they move on to the next marketing craze, not only frustrated but most likely with a smaller budget.

Sound familiar?

Well, flounder no more, new found friend!

You have found the free resource library designed exactly for you, the total-wellness business owner who is equally concerned with getting new clients as you are with life balance.

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Who is the Well-Balanced Writer?

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Are you part of a small business in the wellness industry struggling to find the time to keep up with marketing? Do you have questions as to what is effective and what is not? Are you convinced you could be doing more but don’t know where to start or where to focus your energy? Come join us for weekly discussions on marketing a small business, industry trends, and more! Join our free Facebook group, The Wellness Warriors!

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