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Small Business Branding Overview-Video

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small business brand identity

Small Business Branding Overview-Video

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Small business branding has some incredible benefits when done well. Cohesive branding is an incredibly successful way to tell your personal story. And as we’ve been talking about in recent articles, your individualness and personality are what draws people to you. Even better, it’s what keeps people coming back.

Create a brand that your customers can relate to on an emotional level, and you’re set for life!

A successful brand:

  • confirms your credibility
  • motivates people to buy
  • builds long-term customers
  • creates product and brand evangelists
  • and so much more!

How do you do that? Watch the video below for some tips.

Branding: How you talk about your company to your customers through visual aspects like fonts, colors, logos, and layout, as well as the written and spoken voice.



Download your free Small Business Branding Checklist and take your small business from good to great!

This quick audit checklist walks you through each aspect of your business so you can better identify where you need to spend some extra time creating clear messaging. The more clear your message, the easier it is to duplicate and share across all platforms; social media, print, and digital.

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