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Surround yourself with the best people and watch your business grow

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There are a million and a half reasons to surround yourself with amazing people both in your personal life and in business. But finding the best people, and more importantly, keeping the less-than-amazing people out isn’t easy.

As a small business owner, you often get to decide who to hire, who to trust with your business, who to lean on when times get tough, and who to spend your days with. How do you select the perfect person? Do you hire for attitude or skill? When Southwest Airlines hires they look for, “…the perfect blend of energy, humor, team spirit, and self-confidence to match Southwest’s famously offbeat and customer-obsessed culture.”

How can you create a world-famous (or at least locally famous) employee and customer environment like Southwest? Depending on your business and what you need your employees to do, there are a few criteria you should determine ahead of time.

small business ownerFirst:  Do you need someone who knows more than you?

If you have zero idea on how to build a website or write an email marketing campaign or fix a leaky roof, then you need to hire someone who knows more than you… at least about a certain topic. This kind of relationship can be tough because you have to tell someone else what you want to happen while giving them the space to do their job. AKA learn to let go and hire for skill.

Second: Do you need someone to do the crap work?

You can sit and do data entry for 8 hours a day, but your talents are better served in some other part of your business. Sure, you know how to clean toilets and dust the shelves… but as a boss, do you really want to?  If you can afford to hire someone to take these tasks off your hands then by all means, what are you waiting for? Be aware of the boss/employee (higher/lower) relationship that can form in these situations. As long as you remain grateful for the person who is willing to put in the time to do the things you’d rather not, then you’ll be just fine.  Definitely, hire for attitude.

Third: Do you need a second “you?”

Are you able to do the marketing, but don’t have the time? Are you able to keep track of your own books, teach classes, answer customer service inquiries… but don’t have time to do it all? This is definitely where you need to interview, get referrals, and hire for the perfect combination of skill and attitude. You want someone:

  • who is driven but is willing to do things your way.
  • you can be honest with.
  • trustworthy (so you can go on vacation once in a while.)

customer service employees

No matter what the task, in the end, you want someone who brings a positive vibe, who is willing to take on responsibility, and who is genuinely interested in your business. You want someone who will respect your decisions isn’t afraid to tell you when you are playing it too safe or starting to get into a rut of sameness.

And what about you? What do you get out of this awesome employee/employer relationship? Help, first and foremost. It’s not a secret that you can’t do this whole business thing by yourself. But, on a much larger scale, you get gratitude. Helping and supporting others while they learn and grow feeds your soul in a way that nothing else can. If you can become a leader, a true mentor for your employee(s) then you really are making the world a better place to live and work. Remember why you got into this business in the first place and pass that along.

There are already enough people who don’t like their jobs out there… don’t add to the chaos.

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