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Make Your Business Memorable

The Donkey Effect – Make Your Business Memorable

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I have a lovely drive to work every day, rolling hills, windmills in the distance, farm land as far as the eye can see. It’s much nicer than option number two – a busy highway with constant delays, jerk drivers, and never-ending construction.

There’s one farm that I pass by every day that has hundreds of baby cows. These calves look so happy wandering in their little pens, on the edge of what has to be a hundred acres or more of corn fields. Perfectly idyllic for a baby cow, I assume.

About three weeks ago a new baby joined the pen, a baby donkey. At first, it appeared this donkey had been given free range of the farm. On Monday he was wandering in the pen with the baby cows. On Tuesday he was in the front field with the big cows. On Wednesday he was meandering the driveway near the house.

But on Thursday he was tethered to a fence with a long rope. He had been given his own section of the front field and no cows to hang out with. He had clearly abused his free-range privileges.

A week went by and I noticed some days he was tethered and others he was not. But he was always in his pen near -but not with- the calves.  I started to create stories in my mind about what the young donkey had done to deserve this quarantine. Was he:

  • escaping in the night using his clever friend the young raccoon as his accomplice?
  • actually a high-leaping donkey who could hurdle fences with a single bound?
  • deeply in love with a goat that lived on the back side of the barn, just desperate for a few minutes together with her?
  • obsessed with the cherry pies the farmer’s wife baked each day for her large, hard-working, hungry family, driving him to amazing feats of strength (like ripping through 4×4 fencing) only to steal the cooling pie off of the window sill?

As you can tell, the stories in my mind got better and better with each donkey day.

And I started to look forward to discovering the donkey containment strategy of the day.

Yesterday he was inside a circle of steel fencing. And that circle was inside of the larger cow pasture. And he was tied to the steel fencing. With two ropes. Poor little guy. I cannot wait to drive to work again so I can see if the trouble-making donkey is still contained, or if he’s out wandering again.

My point is, the donkey is memorable. He makes me care. He brings out emotions that would not normally be triggered by driving by a farm house.

Be memorable

What are you doing to stand out from the crowd?  What is your memorable donkey-moment for your customers?

For some, it’s customer service. Making sure every customer you interact with leaves happy.

For others, it’s a logo, a catchy jingle, a clever picture on social media.

You need a memorable moment. You need your customers to not only remember who you are, but ideally tell others about you too.

Need help dissecting your brand to create a memorable moment? Give me a call! Together we can work through the story of your business to determine what is relevant, and memorable. Get customers to know you, remember you, and tell others about you. Let’s find your donkey moment!

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