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Three essential parts of any successful sales offer

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Three essential parts of any successful sales offer

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The world is completely overwhelmed with offers right now. They’re literally everywhere – Facebook, Instagram, Google, every website you go to, every magazine you get, every newspaper you recycle…

Which means the old techniques you were using to get leads, convert prospects to customers, and signup new clients for the free whatever you have going on… they’re probably not working anymore.

The words and images you choose for your offers make a night-and-day difference to the success of your business. But how do you know what those words and images should be?

You could be the best nutritionist on the planet but if you can’t get anyone to sign up for your program, you’re done for. You may have studied yoga in the remote mountains of India with a group of silent monks for the past ten years, but if you can’t explain how your experience benefits your students, you won’t have a single person enter your studio.

So how do you create an offer without getting too salesy or smarmy? It’s all about honesty and appealing to human emotion. Yup, it’s time to get psychological.

Who cares?

The number one most important thing to remember is that you cannot sell to everyone. No matter how amazing it would be for your ego, everyone does not want to work with you. And that’s good because what you’re offering is not a good fit for everyone.

Deciding exactly who you are selling to is a guaranteed way to make sure that the majority of the clients who walk through your door will love you from day one.

Create the ultimate value

vitamin health offer

Once you know exactly who you want as customers, it’s time to determine what value you can offer them. What do your products or services bring to their lives that no one else can provide? How is what you do every day any different than what the competitor on the other side of town does every day?

Do the supplements you offer make people feel better? Or do they increase energy for retirees so they jump out of bed each morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day with a light-heartedness they haven’t felt since they were children?

Be specific. Be helpful.

But wait, there’s more!

ginsu knife offer

The third piece of any offer is to prove that your customers will get more than they’re expecting. Remember the old Ginsu knives infomercials?  You’re shown one set of knives that cuts through tires, trees, and toasters, which in itself is pretty amazing. But then you’re thrown the curve…

But wait there’s more!

Those four words leave your mind reeling…  “I get the amazing world-destruction knives AND something more? Whoa…”

That’s the response you want to elicit from your prospects every time you make an offer.

No easy task for sure. But even if you get it right most of the time, you’re customer base will start to explode before you know it!

This is also an amazing retention tool. You have information and skills that your customers don’t. Make it your goal to always give more than you take and your retention rates will skyrocket.


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