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Three massive benefits of failing fast

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Three massive benefits of failing fast

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No one likes to say they messed up. No one likes to think they launched themselves into something without really knowing what they were doing, but honestly, can you name a single thing that you were able to do well on the first try? No. Me either. This is why failing fast is so important. Fail fast and move on in a better direction.

Every good comedian starts out telling jokes in a coffee house or bar in front of 5 people. Every carpenter built a shotty dog house decades before that mansion. Every author wrote a million pages of mediocre (or really bad) content before publishing a best seller.

I’m not saying failing it’s easy, in fact quite the opposite. Putting ourselves in situations we’ve never been in before is so far outside of most people’s comfort zone. This is why it takes a special kind of amazing person to start, grow, and run their own small business (this is where you pat yourself on the back)

failing fast comedian

What I am saying is that failing is quite necessary. And the sooner we realize it, the sooner we succeed on a really big scale.

In theory, jumping in with both feet and trying something new seems like a great idea, but our very protective brains usually get in the way screaming things at us like, “You’re only going to mess this up!” And, “You have no idea what you’re doing!” And, “Think of all the time and money you’re going to waste!” And while that brain of yours isn’t necessarily wrong (ever heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy?) It’s also not 100% right.

Here are three massive benefits that come from telling your brain to shut it, and instead, making the choice to fail fast.

Failing = confidence building 101.

You cannot possibly know all there is to know about a topic before trying it yourself. After years of higher education, lawyers still have to try their first case, hairdressers still have to cut their first hair, and doctors still have to deliver their first baby. Just think of the confidence levels you build with every action you take! You know what comes with confidence? More confidence! (and more customers and more money.) Creation and failing go hand in hand.


Failing is the best way to learn

The best way to learn is to fail. Just think about it, at our core as human beings, we don’t like to be wrong. This means failing is not something we’re good at and not something we want to replicate. When something negative happens to you, as in it directly impacts your world, your brain goes into turbo mode to make sure those feelings of failure and inadequacy don’t ever happen again. This means you learn more from your giant, epic fail sessions than you do from the safe, baby-step minor infractions.

Kind of ironic, right? Your brain is trying to protect you by telling you not to fail, and then when you do fail, it helps you by making sure you’re doing everything you can to no fail again. It’s like asking forgiveness instead of permission. (something I mostly encourage, myself.)

Failing means taking yourself less seriously

This is a big one. For so many of us, we are focused on how the rest of the world sees us, interprets our actions and talks about us behind our backs. (they don’t talk about you behind your back, relax.) When you get used to the idea that failure is a necessary part of success, you start to take yourself a little less seriously and lighten up a bit.  What happens when you give yourself permission to not be a perfect shining star of humanity? You start to have more fun. And when you have more fun, more people want to be around you. When more people want to be around you, you make more money!

one way to failing fast

In the end, I’m not convinced we can really call it failing. Failing implies you’re doing something wrong, and clearly, learning by trying something new is not wrong. Not meeting your original just proves you didn’t have all of the correct information in the first place.  So, here’s to building your confidence a little more each day. Here’s to putting yourself out there and learning from your journey. Here’s to taking yourself less seriously. You already have more determination and drive in your pinky finger than most of society and that is truly something to be proud of.


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