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Weed Your Business

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Every year I spend dozens of hours planning my vegetable garden. I make a list of the seed varieties I want to try. I plan where each plant will grow. I plot out growing cycles so as the peas come to an end and the cucumbers begin they can share valuable space (and a trellis.)

Once the vegetables are laid out and planted, I fill in around the edges and walkways with flowers to make it more visually appealing. Something will bloom each week of the summer!

Or at least that’s the plan.

But without fail, within two weeks of planting the weeds start to grow. And without fail, there are weeds that look exactly like young beets. Or pumpkins. Or beans. So, for fear of pulling something I’ll want to eat in a month, I let the weeds grow. In a month I’ll be able to tell them apart, right? Because after all that planning, NOT having beans would be worse. Much worse.

Also, let’s be honest, not pulling weeds is the easier option.

Unfortunately, it’s not long before my garden is really ugly. I can still find the good stuff, (sort of) but anyone looking in from the outside just sees a mess. It becomes harder and harder for others to see my good intentions because of the extra stuff I’m allowing to get in the way.

By early August I’m pretty frustrated by the entire endeavor and decide it’s best to give up and start planning next year’s garden instead. It’ll be so much better next time, I tell myself. All that hard work and all I have to show for it is a plot of dirt covered by weeds with a few pumpkin-smothered-tomatoes.

Does this remind you of your business? Do your customers have a hard time telling what the good stuff is (i.e. your main business focus) because all they can see are the weeds? Do you offer a new class the moment a fad hits? What started as yoga is now aqua yoga, paddleboard yoga, Pilates-yoga combo… when in reality, your true passion is concentrated, slow-flow yoga.

No bells, whistles, or H2O accessories required.

I won’t tell you it’s easy finding and sticking with your business focus. But I will tell you that when you commit to being authentic, when you present the best of yourself and your passion, when you get rid of your weeds, the best customers will find you and the best customers will stay. Guaranteed.

When you really work at keeping your business focused, it will nourish your soul. (just like you were hoping it would all those years ago when you announced to your mother you were dropping out of law school to be a yoga teacher.)

Put in the work. Get rid of all the extra stuff and stick with your plan.

Just like a garden.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have some weeding to do.

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